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Rescuers in New Jersey Have to Kill a Baby Dolphin Because Its Mother Washed up On the Shore.

Two dolphins were found on a sandbar near a state marina by marine biologists. One of the dolphins was sick and had to be put down.

An adult common dolphin was found dead on the beach Wednesday afternoon between the Naval Weapons Station Earle eastern beach and the Leonardo State Marina beach. The Marine Mammal Stranding Center says that its calf was seen 150 feet away on a sandbar near the Naval Weapons Station Earle pier.

A team trying to reach a dolphin had to climb over a guard rail and down 15 feet of rocks to a marsh in wind gusts of 40 mph and cold weather. The team was able to carry the calf back to the pier on a stretcher.

The MMS team was made up of people from the Naval Security Forces, the DEP, the National Oil Spill Response Research and Renewable Energy Test Facility (OHMSETT), and Earle Public Affairs.

Adult dolphin on a beach near the Leonardo State Marina in Middletown

 Euthanizing a Young Dolphin

A veterinarian looked at the calf and decided that it was very sick and would not be able to live. It was decided to put the animal to sleep in a kind way to stop any more pain. It will be taken to the animal health diagnostic lab in Trenton, which is part of the New Jersey Department of Agriculture.

On Thursday, the team went back to the beach to finish taking samples and measurements of the adult dolphin. On the beach, it will be buried.

Since December, 13 whales and 7 dolphins have been found on beaches in New Jersey and New York. This has caused a political split.

One side thinks that work on wind projects is to blame and wants the Biden and Phil Murphy administrations to stop work so that it can be looked into. On the other side, Gov. Phil Murphy and a number of environmental groups say that wind development has nothing to do with it.

Jeff Van Drew, R-N.J. 2nd District, and Chris Smith, R-N.J. 4th District, held a hearing Thursday in Wildwood about offshore wind energy and how it affects marine life. Both Republicans, along with several mayors of New Jersey, have called for a stop to the wind energy projects.

Another Way to Stop Strandings

Animal Protection League of New Jersey, former New Jersey Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel, and former U.S. Senator Robert Torricelli are trying to find a middle ground.

“The rush to dismiss or accuse based on whether a politician backs oil or wind has been especially annoying. In some cases, but not all, land conservation groups in New Jersey that don’t know much about marine mammals tell the press what they think is or isn’t killing the mammals “In a letter to U.S. Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., they said this.

They want Booker to ask the Coast Guard to keep an eye on the speed of ships and the shipping lanes. Most of the whales, dolphins, and whales that died have been found to have been hit by boats, according to autopsies.

“The only important thing isn’t how we use energy or what we think about it. It’s about a whale that is so close to extinction and other whales that are clearly in trouble off the coast of our state.”

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