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Proud to Be a Jersey Girl/boy: The Rose Parade Will Recognise New Jerseyans Who Have Donated or Received Organs.

The Rose Procession is an event that takes place every year on January 1st, and in 2023, there was some New Jersey representation in the parade. The Rose Parade is an annual event.
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The Sharing Network was a participant in the parade with a float called “The Donate Life,” which paid tribute to people who have given the gift of life by donating organs as well as those who have been the recipients of donated organs and recognized those who have done so.

There were four people from the state of New Jersey who was recognized for their accomplishments.
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Their names are Leena Sandhu from East Windsor, Hailey Palumbo from Jackson, Joey Savage from Fredon, and Tyler Rodimer from Stillwater. Sandhu has been the recipient of kidney transplants at two different times.


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