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Pam and Tommy Split up For What Reasons? See What’s New!

Pam and Tommy, a Hulu limited series, will finish on March 9, and with it, Pam and Tommy’s marriage will come to an end—but why did Pamela and Tommy divorce in real life?

Though the miniseries, which is based on the high-profile 1990s sex-tape scandal involving Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, famously lacked input from the subjects themselves—a Pamela Anderson Netflix documentary is in the works to rectify that oversight—the final episode of Pam & Tommy offers hints as to what really happened in the marriage between the Playboy icon and her Mötley Crüe drummer husband.


Lee is shown yelling at his wife and destroying their living room in a late scene before ultimately relenting and signing over rights to the sex video to porn mogul Seth Warshavsky.

“It’s over,” Pamela Anderson, played by Lily James, says in the sequence, implying that she is referring to more than just the controversy. Anderson subsequently shows herself altering her “Tommy” tattoo to “Mommy” when nine months pregnant. But what happened to the power couple of the 1990s, and why did they break up?

Pamela and Tommy Divorced for What Reason?

Though the sex-tape controversy strained the couple’s relationship, it was hardly the last straw. Pam and Tommy were unfortunately killed by domestic violence.

Anderson was left with bruises, a ripped fingernail, and worry for the safety of her two boys when Lee was jailed for domestic violence in February 1998, according to The Los Angeles Times at the time. Lee allegedly kicked his wife while she was carrying their two-month-old boy “after she refused to phone her parents and urge them not to come over to the couple’s house,” according to the LA Times.

get married tom and pamela

Lee was sentenced to six months in the Los Angeles County prison after pleading no contest to spousal abuse charges (the charges of child abuse and handgun possession were dismissed). Soon after the event, Anderson filed for divorce and asked for custody of their two boys.

The pair sought reconciliation when Lee was freed from prison four months into his term, which Anderson discussed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in May 1999. “Tommy and I have reunited and are re-establishing our family. We’re doing well, and our kids are thrilled “she remarked. “It’s been a long, difficult year…and I want my family to be together and for everything to work out.”

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Pam and Tommy Married for How Long?

In his 2005 book Tommyland, Lee stated, “In 1995, I met Pamela Anderson, the lady who became my wife and with whom I have two lovely boys.” “However, that’s a tale worthy of its own chapter, if not book.”

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Anderson and Lee married on the beach in Cancun in 1995 after a brief four-day relationship, much to the astonishment of Anderson‘s mother Carol Anderson, who told People at the time: “I had never heard of him before. It’s both tragic and startling.”

The actress and the rock musician were married for three years before formally separating in 1998, after a decades-long connection.

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson Are Parents.

Anderson and Lee have two sons: actor Brandon Thomas Lee, 25, and model and musician Dylan Jagger Lee, 24.

childern of tommy and pemle

Despite Lee’s four marriages and Anderson’s six, Brandon and Dylan are the sole offspring of both parents.

Pam and Tommy are no longer together.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee had a “tumultuous” relationship, according to reports, and it was their constant bickering that finally led to their breakup.
After abusing his wife soon after the birth of their infant son, Jagger, Lee was sentenced to six months in jail in 1998.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Lee was detained “for marital abuse, child abuse, and unauthorized possession of a handgun,” while denying the allegations. Anderson then sued Lee for divorce.

She previously discussed her marriage to the Motley Crue frontman with PEOPLE magazine in 2015. “There was Tommy, and then there was nothing. She described him as “the love of my life.” “We had an erratic start that was too much for both of us.”

She also mentioned: “With him, I had lovely children. My children feel glad to have been conceived from genuine affection. I was attempting to pull everything else together.”

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The sex video between Pam and Tommy had something to do with their divorce.

It wouldn’t be shocking if the couple’s sex video was a contributing factor in their breakup. The film was stolen from a safe in their house not long after they married, by their former electrician Rand Gauthier, who had taken the safe as payment for the $20,000 he claimed Tommy owed him for his services.

It didn’t take long for the cassette to become publicly available, with each copy retailing for $59.95 on the internet. In 1996, the couple initiated litigation against everyone they suspected of having a copy of the recording.
Along with Lily James and Sebastian Stan as the titular celebrities, Seth Rogen plays Rand Gauthier, the guy who took the tape from their safe and made it viral — long before such a notion existed.

Gauthier had been working as an electrician on Lee and Anderson’s Malibu property when he became embroiled in a payment dispute. The couple was refusing to pay for work that they said was shoddily done, and they abruptly dismissed a number of remodeling workers.

tommy get breakup with pamela

Gauthier had had enough of their demands and was prepared to write off the $20,000 owing to him. When he and a general contractor returned to the premises to get their equipment, things became heated. In a 2014 interview with Rolling Stone, he said Lee was pointing a shotgun at them and yelling, “Get the f**k off my land!”

Following the end of a lawsuit that only addressed the dissemination of the tape’s physical copies, hundreds of thousands of copies of their private movie became one of the first items to go “viral” online. Despite the pressure that having something like that made public would place on a relationship, their divorce was definitely caused by factors other than the recording.

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