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HomenewsNy Families' Cash: Andrew Gounardes' Million-dollar Idea Might Eliminate Direct Payments.

Ny Families’ Cash: Andrew Gounardes’ Million-dollar Idea Might Eliminate Direct Payments.

Various suggestions and strategies are discussed for the benefit of New York City’s citizens. The high pace of inflation has left many people without enough money to cover basic needs like food and shelter.

Million-dollar farmers can participate in one such initiative. Further, Eric Adams is offering a hefty sum of money to anybody who can rid the city of its rat problem.

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Just what is this brand-new plan that has been suggested?

The proposed idea, if enacted, could provide between $500 and $1500 in additional funding for each child.

Senator Andrew Gounardes of New York, along with other state legislators, has advocated for the creation of the New York State Working Families Tax Credit (WFTC).

How and when things shifted remains to be seen.

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If everything goes according to plan, families in New York State would get roughly four payments, with one going directly to each child, to help them keep up with inflation.

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The smallest sum you might receive for your kid is $500 and the highest amount per child is $1500.

Who Would Truly Be Eligible?

If Andrew Gounardes is to be believed, the proposal would merge the Empire State Child Tax Credit with the New York Earned Income Tax Credit.

Pregnant women and parents of infants up to the age of four are likely to qualify for the benefit.

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The best part is that there are zero restrictions based on factors like age, marital status, or financial standing.

Let’s hope it passes so we can start providing for our kids right now.
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In any case, this sum will be sufficient for me and many others to provide our children with the necessities of life.


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