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NJ Woman Charged After ‘One of The Largest Weapons Seizures’ in Years

A New Jersey woman has been charged after one of the biggest gun busts in the state in years.


  • 100 guns and 200 large-capacity ammunition magazines (LCMs) were stolen in transit between a Vermont firearms importer and a Louisiana weapons wholesaler last week.
  • Authorities believe they were stolen during a transfer from a tractor-trailer to a rail car in Hudson County.
  • Most of the recovered cargo was found stashed in a Hudson County storage facility.

On Thursday, March 16, detectives from the NYPD told the New Jersey State Police about the shipment of stolen guns and ammunition. This was the start of an investigation.

Detectives from both states were able to figure out that the stolen weapons were being kept in a storage facility on Tonnelle Avenue in North Bergen.

  • 97 Canik TP9 Elite SC 9 mm semi-automatic handguns
  • 194 LCMs packed in their shipping boxes and loaded in cardboard crates.

The next day, detectives from both the NJSP and the NYPD went to the storage unit with a search warrant and found,


Police say that Union City resident Claudine Kammo, who is 43 years old, had access to and control over the storage unit. Kammo is charged with second-degree illegally having the guns, third-degree receiving stolen property, fourth-degree breaking gun permit rules, and fourth-degree illegally having LCMs.

NJ Woman Charged After 'One of the largest weapons seizures' in Years

Attorney General Matthew Platkin of New Jersey says that the guns and ammunition that were found are some of the most weapons that have been found in New Jersey in recent years.

Safer Streets

In a statement, Col. Patrick Callahan, who is in charge of the New Jersey State Police, said,

There is little doubt that the 100 guns that were taken during this investigation would be used for violence and intimidation, and they have no place in communities on either side of the Hudson River.

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