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HomenewsN.J. Officials Are Looking Into a Swarm of Legionnaires' Disease Cases

N.J. Officials Are Looking Into a Swarm of Legionnaires’ Disease Cases

BRAND NEW JERSEY — An outbreak of Legionnaires’ illness has been reported in Passaic and Bergen Counties, and the state health department is looking into the matter.

In total, seven counties have reported instances so far.
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CBS2 has learned that two locals in Passaic have been affected. Paterson and Wayne, New Jersey, also had reports.

N.J. investigating cluster of Legionnaires' disease cases

Legionnaires’ disease, often known as legionnaires’ pneumonia, is contracted by inhaling water droplets infected with the Legionella bacteria.

“Inhalation of the infected droplets is how the disease is contracted, but fortunately it cannot be spread from person to person.

You don’t have to worry about contracting it from another person like you would with COVID or the flu, but you can catch it through the environment, “New Jersey Health Commissioner Dr. Edward Lifshitz made this statement.

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The state’s health department is looking for a link. “We ponder possibilities like whether or not they were all in the same store at the same time, which might have had an infected water display.
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Is it possible that they all lived in close proximity to a cooling tower and that this was the root of the problem? “in Lifshitz’s words.

People over the age of 50, smokers, and those with preexisting lung conditions are at a higher risk.

N.J. investigating cluster of Legionnaires' disease cases

Fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, headaches, and muscle pains are common presentations, as are other symptoms that are “very comparable to COVID and the flu,” as noted by Lifshitz.

Because the symptoms are so similar to those of COVID and the flu, state health officials have advised anyone experiencing them to seek medical assistance immediately.

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A person who drinks water that has been tainted is extremely unlikely to get the sickness. The only possibility is if water enters a breathing passage.

It could be caught by inhaling water vapour from a steaming shower.


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