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What the Teams Had to Say – Monaco Qualifying Live Stream of The 2022 Monaco Grand Prix: How To Watch the Formula One Event for Free, Qualifying Start Time!

Qualifying for the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix begins on Saturday, May 28th, at 3 p.m. Charles Leclerc will be eager to reclaim control of the title after losing it to Max Verstappen last week. The race is broadcast on Sky in the United Kingdom, ESPN in the United States, and free-to-air television in a few other countries. Are you currently away from home? With a VPN, you can watch a free live stream of the Monaco Grand Prix from anywhere in the world.
On Friday, Leclerc set the quickest times in both First and Second Practice, topping his teammate Carlos Sainz by 0.044 seconds. Max Verstappen finished third, with George Russell in sixth place. Saturday’s Final Practice begins at 12 p.m., followed by Qualifying at 3 p.m. Then, at 2 p.m. on Sunday, the lights go down for the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix.

Overtaking isn’t very popular in Monaco, but nothing gets an F1 fan’s adrenaline pounding like seeing a driver weave around Casino Square and kiss the Armco at Portier.

Monegasque driver Charles Leclerc has yet to complete, much alone win, his home race, but he seems to be in good form. If Mercedes improves enough, a three-way race involving the young guns: Leclerc, Verstappen, and Russell might emerge.

The Monaco Grand Prix Will Be Staged in 2022.

This Sunday, May 29th, the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix will be held over 78 laps of the 3.337-kilometer Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo. We might see some dangerous pitstop strategies in Monaco, where the weather is expected to be 21°C and wet.

Stroll Monaco
Live streaming of the Monaco Grand Prix is available for free.
Are you fortunate enough to live in Luxembourg? RTL Zwee is offering a free F1 live stream. (a new tab will open)

While traveling overseas, you’ll need to utilize a VPN to access your local F1 stream. ExpressVPN provides a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, therefore we suggest it.

Every race is broadcast live on ServusTV (opens in new tab) / ORF in Austria (opens in new tab).

On Channel 4(opens in new tab), British racing fans may watch highlights from every race, as well as a free live broadcast of the British Grand Prix on July 3rd, 2022.
Using a VPN, you can watch the Monaco Grand Prix live stream from anywhere in the world.

Even if you have purchased a subscription to the appropriate 2022 Monaco Grand Prix holders, you will not be able to access them if you leave the country. Based on your IP address, the service will detect your location and immediately limit your access.

You may get around this problem by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A virtual private network (VPN) establishes a secure connection between your device and the internet, allowing you to watch local streams no matter where you are – and saving you money!

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In final practice, Leclerc and Perez were swapping quick laps and seemed to be the class of the field. When the pressure was on, though, the home driver delivered, claiming a provisional pole in Q3 on his first lap.

F1 qualifyingIt’s unclear what his second run would have provided, but he was ahead of the rest of the pack when the red flags went up. Sainz’s first lap in Q3 earned him P2, but he ended up colliding with Perez’s wrecked Red Bull at the conclusion of the session after failing to stop in time to prevent the collision.

1:11.376 Charles Leclerc, 1st

“So far this weekend, I’m quite impressed with our overall performance. With Q3, I felt more confident in the vehicle and began to push a little more. The first lap was excellent. I believe the second was one of the finest qualifying laps I’ve ever done.

F1 qualifying the grand prix

It was a lot of fun to drive, and I was pushing myself to the limit. I had a lot of oversteers, so the back end was a little sloppy. Nonetheless, I was aware that the lap was coming together wonderfully, which was extremely satisfying. It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to complete it, but this is Monaco, and we all know that the last try is always subject to yellow or red flags.

“I’m delighted since we were able to acquire the pole in the first place. Whatever the weather tomorrow, we’ll start from the best possible position and do all we can to have the weekend run as smoothly as it has so far.”

Carlos Sainz Came in Second with A Time of 1:11.601.

“It was a fantastic build-up throughout qualifying today, particularly until Q3 when things became a little more complicated. On my first try, I had to pass both Mercedes on my flying lap, and I squandered a few tenths, particularly while overtaking Hamilton in the swimming pool.

F1 monaco Gp qualifying

But, on the second try, I was confident until Perez crashed in front of me. I tried all I could to avert the crash, but it was too late. Things like this do happen in Monaco, and I was once again caught up in it.

“Overall, P2 is a fantastic place to start on Sunday, and it’s a positive day for the team, with another front-row lockout and a chance to gain some points tomorrow. Let’s get this party started!”

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Racing Director Laurent Mekies.

“We are quite satisfied with the results of qualifying. The Monaco track is unique, and the fact that the F1-75 was competitive even here demonstrates that Maranello has built a very exceptional vehicle. Congratulations to the whole crew, as well as the outstanding drivers.

gp schedule

“The Monaco weekend is always challenging, and Charles and Carlos handled the pressure and traffic well, getting the vehicle and tires to perform at their best. Charles had another outstanding performance and, if not for the red light, might have gone even faster.

Carlos displayed a tremendous feel for the vehicle right from the start of free practice, allowing him to qualify on the first row, which will be crucial for tomorrow. Unfortunately, he spun to avoid Sergio Perez, who had wrecked just before the tunnel, on his second lap in Q3.

We couldn’t deny that seeing the two vehicles trapped across the track gave us the creeps, and we prayed the red flags would appear as quickly as possible. Fortunately, neither driver was injured, and we will now thoroughly inspect the F1-75 to determine the extent of the damage.

“Tomorrow’s race will be quite lengthy, and if it rains, it will be much more difficult. Tonight, we’ll focus on making sure we’re ready for everything. There are a lot of supporters here who are rooting for us, especially Charles, and we want to give them something to celebrate about.”

Red Bull Is a Brand of Energy Drink.

After lagging their Ferrari opponents on Friday, the Bulls, particularly Perez, made a significant improvement on Saturday. He seemed so at ease in the RB18 here, and he was a strong contender for pole after edging off Leclerc in FP3.


2022 manoco

But it was not to be for the Mexican, who was passed by Portier on his last flying lap, crashing into the barriers and causing the red flags to fly. Verstappen was on a hot lap when the red lights appeared on his dash for the second year in a row, ruining his teammate’s hopes of improving.

Max Verstappen is in fourth place with a time of 1:11.666.

“In general, this weekend’s pace has been a bit of a challenge for me; I never quite struck the right balance. We were on track for a fantastic last lap in Q3, and on the penultimate lap, I was pushing it to the maximum until I arrived at the bend, when I was stuck in a traffic jam! It was disappointing because I believe we might have done better than fourth place, not pole position because I believe Charles is too far ahead, but the second place at

The Very Least. but That’s Monaco for You;

it’s absolutely unexpected, and there’s always the chance of a red flag when everyone is attempting to risk everything. I suppose I’ll perform a little rain dance tonight to change things up a little for the race tomorrow since you can’t pass around here in the dry.


Sergio Perez Came in Third with A Time of 1:11.629.

“I knew the timed lap in Q3 was crucial, but the out-lap was much more essential. Because others didn’t respect the delta, I ended up in the last sector with excessively cold tires and almost lost it in turn one.

I was hoping the tire would warm up and get a grip, but it didn’t, and it’s a pity what occurred.
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I was losing lap time, in turn, eight, so I attempted to anticipate the curve extremely early, but it didn’t work,

and although it’s disappointing to finish the day in this manner, we still qualified in the top three in Monaco. I’m sad for my team; it’ll be a difficult night for them, but perhaps we’ll be able to heal and return tomorrow.

It was simply a precautionary check at the hospital; I’m well now, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I’m on the right side of the grid, so I’d want to gain one or two spots; it’ll be difficult, but I’m up for the challenge.
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Tomorrow’s track might be wet, so anything could happen.”

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Team Principal Christian Horner.

“It was a pity at the end because both drivers had the potential to improve a bit, and unfortunately Checo made a minor error, which had a concertina effect with Max as well, but we can still compete from third and fourth place. We’ll get the vehicle back and assess the damage, but like engines, you have three

the uk

gearboxes to utilize for the year without incurring a penalty this year. Naturally, Checo is disappointed since he has been working on it all weekend and was expecting to see me today, and Max is also disappointed because it is the second year in a row that he has missed out on a last flying lap.

But the race is tomorrow, and there may be rain, as well as safety cars, so placing in the first turn will be crucial, and I am certain Ferrari will be synchronized, so we’ll see what happens.”

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The Most Important Quote.

“It’s really unique. I’m in such a good mood.


It’s been a really simple weekend up until now; I knew the pace was in the vehicle, so all I had to do was perform my job, which went off without a hitch. That last lap before the red flag was fantastic. But, in any case, it made no difference to us.” Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc

What comes next?

When the lights go down for the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix at 1500 local time, Leclerc is expected to take the lead. For additional information on how to catch all of the action, go visit the RACE HUB.


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