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Many New Jersey Parents Are Worried That Their Children Will Be Politicised Through the State’s Required “Media Literacy” Course.

A new New Jersey law requiring all K-12 kids to learn “media literacy” to combat misinformation worries parents.

All Garden State schools must teach media literacy to assist pupils to identify “disinformation.”

Fox News contributor and New Jersey father Joe Concha can’t believe Governor Phil Murphy, D., would follow the Biden administration’s disastrous “Disinformation Governance Board.”

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“The government shouldn’t decide what’s misleading. It’s arbitrary and will be used for political gain “According to Concha.

“For example, if I mentioned even one year ago that coronavirus likely came from a lab in Wuhan China that studies coronavirus, Democratic leaders and the social media corporations that work at their leisure would accuse me of propagating misinformation,” Concha added.
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“Not misinformation.”

Gov. Murphy tweeted “K-12 media literacy education will empower future leaders to appropriately assess information—essential in safeguarding our democracy in a time of disinformation.”

He signed the bill last month after the state legislature passed it bipartisanly.

The law helps students distinguish between news and opinion, primary and secondary sources, and research methodologies and literacy abilities.

Concha thinks Murphy should prioritize school basics.

“In arithmetic, science, reading, and writing, we lag behind other advanced nations.

Governor Murphy’s priorities are off “Concha stated. “Return to blocking and tackling.”

Parents Unite co-founder and executive director Ashley Jacobs, whose organization promotes diversity of thought in schools, feels the law admits New Jersey kids have not been taught to analyze critically using facts and reasoning.

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“Standards development—how? Student evaluations: How will pupils learn to find the truth? Truth? Whose? Unfortunately, “disinformation” means “something people don’t agree with.” “Jacobs stated.

Jacobs warned parents that adding to the curriculum usually means taking something away.

“What?” she asked.

Critics say the rule could lead to censorship and favor some news outlets over others.

One commenter said the law “smacks of brainwashing” and called for homeschooling.

The Biden administration’s “Disinformation Governance Board” was widely derided and abandoned in 2022.
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Fox News contributor and liberal radio broadcaster Leslie Marshall supported the New Jersey law.

“In the world, they’re growing up in, I would appreciate any aid by instructors to help me as a parent who can’t be there 24/7 to help my children better differentiate fact from fiction,” she told Fox News Digital.

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Marshall stated that believing false information about Democratic pedophile rings or the 2020 election being stolen had led to violence in both situations, and that the law might help impressionable kids avoid toxic social media habits or worse.

“We need to educate their facts and how to fact-find in the world we’re growing up in,” she said.


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