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Love is Blind Season 2: Kyle and Deepti Confirm Their Relationship!

Love Is Blind returns for a second season. This February, 30 singles will try out the famed pods to develop a profound connection without seeing them.

They must become engaged to meet, and they’ll test out their love in the real world before their wedding four weeks later.

The first Netflix series in 2020 grabbed fans.

Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the 11 episodes saw 30 singles, 15 men and 15 women, communicate to get engaged. Contestants couldn’t see their dates during dates.

The second series was announced in 2020, therefore the first episodes have now hit Netflix.

Find out when you can watch new episodes of Love Is Blind on Netflix, who’s in the cast, and which couples will get married on the show.

Love is Blind Season 2 Release Date: 

Netflix released Love is Blind season 2 on February 11. From 8 am BST, episodes were streamable.

Love is Blind Season 2 (1)

Netflix renewed the dating show for a second and third season after the first.

The streamer announced season two in March 2020 with a season one screenshot of Amber.

Given that the show’s creator, Chris Coelen, wants 11 more seasons, it is quite probable that viewers will be able to watch a lot more of the wacky dating show on Netflix.

Coelen said to “I’d like to watch either season 2 or season 12. You do not?” after which he acknowledged he could see the show lasting for 15 or 20 seasons.

When Will New Episodes of Love is Blind Be Available on Netflix?

The first five episodes of season two, which is being uploaded to Netflix in chunks, will be available for streaming on Friday, February 11.

Love is Blind Season 2

Weekly episodes to follow will depict the couples meeting one another’s families and their significant occasions.

Our convenient Love Is Blind schedule, which contains all the dates for season two, may be used to find out when new episodes are broadcast.

The cast of Love is Blind Season 2:

  • Deepti, Information (Data) Analyst, 31
  • Olivia, Recruitment Partner, 29
  • Rocky, Executive, 30
  • Salvador, Executive Assistant, 31
  • Shaina, Hairstylist, 32
  • Shayne, Real Estate Agent, 32
  • Shea’na, Events Partnership Director, 36
  • Trisha, Broker, 30
  • Vito, Pizzeria Owner, 33
  • Haseeb, Lawyer, 28
  • Hope, Sales Manager, 32
  • Iyanna, Programme Coordinator, 27
  • James “Joey”, Business Strategy Consultant, 30
  • Jarrette, Project Manager, 32
  • Jason, Flight Attendant, 31
  • Jeremy, Director/ Entrepreneur, 36
  • Juhie, Clinical Therapist, 31
  • Julius, Logistics Manager, 39
  • Kara, Client Service Manager, 32

Where Was Season Two of Love Blind Filmed?

Coelen has revealed that the famed pods are still present in the specially constructed set where we first met our season one couple. Series one of the show was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia in the US.

While the couples took a trip to Mexico following the pods, it appears that a large portion of season two was shot in Chicago.

Trailer for Season 2 of Love is Blind

The official season two trailer has been released, giving viewers a look at some of the candidates for this year.

The complete clip is available to view below.

Love is Blind’s Kyle and Deepti Confirm Their Relationship

Since their season of Love Is Blind initially debuted on Netflix in February 2022, the two have been teasing their relationship status. In the After the Altar segments of the show, which debuted on the streaming service on September 16, they officially acknowledged their relationship status.

Love is Blind Season 2 (2)

Over the course of the three episodes, Kyle and Deepti both acknowledged developing feelings for one another but were concerned about losing their friendship. Kyle, though, made the first move after spending the weekend reconnecting with the other cast members and learning more about their romance.

As the two of them stand on a freezing Chicago balcony, Kyle says, “I just want to start a relationship with you—like a real one.” And not just be in limbo, but exclusive as well.

“We’re going to attempt this, right?” In answer, Deepti queries him.

Kyle answers, “Yeah, sure.” I would like to.

She adds, “I want to, too.”

On September 16, Deepti posted a collection of pictures from the After the Altar filming to the song “Woke Up in Love” by Kygo, Gryffin, and Calum Scott on her Instagram, which appeared to recognize the relationship. However, Deepti did not confirm whether the two were still dating.

The declaration follows the exclusive Love Is Blind first look, which debuted on E! News on September 15 and featured Kyle gushing about his affections for Deepti.

In the video, he tells her, “I love you so much.” “I do love you so much, and any issues you may be experiencing feel like mine. Even when your tyre was flat, I felt like this was my issue if something went wrong. Because I genuinely care about you, I’ll assist you and take care of the situation.”


Fans of the show will recall that Deepti and Kyle both first emerged from the pods with different partners: Deepti came out engaged to Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, while Kyle proposed to Shaina Hurley. But Kyle raised questions when he acknowledged that he “should’ve asked Deepti to marry me” during the show’s reunion. Do we already hear these two getting married?


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