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Jason Momoa and Eiza Gonzalez Breakup? Why Did They Break up As They Announced It on Instagram?

Dune star, 42, and Ambulance actress, 32, have reportedly broken up, according to a source who spoke with PEOPLE. PEOPLE revealed their relationship last month. ‘They’re just extremely different people,’ the insider explains.

The two are “hoping they might work it out,” according to another insider.
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They’ve been discreetly dating for a while, and they really care for one other, so much so that it showed when they finally made their relationship public. They’re at different points in their lives.”

After “meeting via work and common contacts,” Momoa and González have reportedly been dating “exclusively” since February, as reported by PEOPLE in May. The two “have that same spirit,” according to one of the sources, because Eiza is a “very fun, down-for-anything kind person and is quite adventurous for the most part.”

Their Breakup

jason momoa and eiza gonzalez breakup?

“A really lovely man, really generous and joyful all the time,” Jason, on the other hand, is “all about love and spreading love.” The insider continues, “she’s more of a long-term-relationship person vs casual dater,” which influences Eiza’s decision-making. According to the source, though, Jason’s priority is spending time with his children with his ex-wife Lisa Bonet, Lola, and Nakoa-Wolf.

He’s not dismissing [the relationship], but he won’t do anything that would put his children in danger. He cared deeply about Lisa, and their relationship remains cordial to this day. On January 18, 2022, People reported that Jason and Lisa had broken up because of Jason’s hectic work and rise to prominence. On January 12, 2022, Jason and Lisa’s separation was revealed on Jason’s Instagram.

He said in the post’s caption, “We have all felt the squeeze and shifts of these transformational times…” Our family is not an exception to the revolution that is taking place…

experiencing and developing as a result of the seismic changes taking place, We’ve decided to break up our family and let everyone know the sad news. Not because we think it warrants public attention, but so that we can go about our daily lives with honor and integrity.

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Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet Have Confirmed Their Separation.

jason momoa and eiza gonzalez breakup?

The Celebrities Said They Were Terminating Their 17-Year Marriage in January 2022 so That They Could Devote More Time to Raising Their Children. in An Instagram Post that Has Since Been Deleted, Momoa Explained the Breakup “all of Us Have Experienced the Strain and Upheaval of These Revolutionary Times… We’re Just Regular Folks Caught up In This Movement…

” According to People’s Sources, the Reason for The Split Is that Bonet Chose to Prioritize Her Life in Los Angeles Over Joining Momoa “on Every Site” in His Career.

The Couple Appeared to Have Broken up In June, only A Few Weeks After Their Relationship Became Public Knowledge. According to Individuals, the Reason the Dune Star and The Ambulance Actress Broke up Was Because “they’re Just Very Different People.” According to People’s Sources, Though, the Two Are “hoping They Might Work Things Out.”

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When They Split Up, Did They Meet?

jason momoa and eiza gonzalez breakup?

They Dated in Secret for A While Before It Was Made Public, and They Are Very Much in Love with Each Other, the Person Said. They’re at Different Points in Their Lives.” Twice in July, They Were Spotted Leaving the Same London Venues Together.

None of Them Were Seen Leaving the Locations Together, but They Did Manage to Do so Within a Few Short Minutes of Each Other.

Rumors of A Reconciliation Between Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet Were Sparked After Momoa Attended the New York Premiere of The Batman Alongside His Children, Lola and Nakoa-Wolf, and Showed His Support for Bonet’s Daughter, Kravitz. He Caused Speculation that He and Bonet Had Reconciled After Their Mutual Appearance.

His “extra Special” Attempt to Show His Support for Her in Person Alongside Her FiancĂ© Channing Tatum Was Praised by Zo. While Chatting with Access Hollywood on The Oscars Red Carpet the Following Month, Momoa Flatly Refuted Rumors that He and His Ex-Girlfriend Were Getting Back Together. He told the Media, “we’re Not Back Together, We’re Family.”


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