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It Seems Likely That Supersonic Testing Was the Cause of the Mysterious Rumblings Near New Jersey: the Navy

The Navy stated on Friday that it is likely that supersonic flight testing that took place in the Atlantic Ocean this week was the origin of unexplained rumblings in certain areas of New Jersey.

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There have been reports of residents in Cape May, Cumberland, and Ocean counties feeling the vibrations on Monday afternoon. The website received close to fifty different accounts at the event.

One individual noted that their “whole house shook and vibrated for a few seconds” while another said that they heard a “rumble in the distance” and that their building vibrated in an unusual way.
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During that time period, an aircraft was “executing supersonic test points as part of an approved test plan in a supersonic allowed region,”. The Naval Air Station Patuxent River is located in Maryland.

The Navy conducts military testing, which may at times need speeds greater than supersonic, over an area of airspace that is referred to as the offshore “Test Track.”

In order to stay clear of any populated regions, the experiments will begin three miles offshore in the Atlantic Ocean.

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sonic booms are not often audible on land; nevertheless, they are possible depending on the weather conditions and “details of the test flight.”

The United States found no evidence of any seismic activity. Survey of the Geological.

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