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Increased Calls Have Been Made for a Government Investigation Into the Whale Fatalities in the Northeast.

Over the past month and a half, seven whales have died along the Northeast coast, prompting calls for quick action until the cause is discovered.

New York and New Jersey beaches have reported dead humpback and sperm whales since early December.

Environmentalists and legislators are demanding action while an inquiry is underway after seeing the dead whales.

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Groups wrote to President Biden requesting an impartial investigation, a halt to offshore wind production, and a halt to future facility building.

“The surge of dead whales is the ocean ringing the alarm, and we must heed the warning,” Clean Ocean Action executive director Cindy Zipf said.

Beached whales have also prompted New Jersey Congressman Jeff Van Drew to call for a halt to offshore wind activities until he is sure the business does not harm marine life.

The Garden State wants to be one of the top offshore wind farm generators, but many projects are still in the early stages with expected completion dates many years away.

Since 2016, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s fisheries division has tracked an increase in humpback whale mortalities, however, necropsies have not linked offshore wind farms to whale fatalities.
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NOAA revealed that ship strikes and fishing entanglements caused the most non-natural deaths from Maine to Florida before the latest increase.

State and federal officials are working 24/7 to determine the source of the sudden increase in reported deaths.

“Our tiny crew is dedicated to professional and scientific work, so please be patient.
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All large whale samples are delivered to pathologists and other experts researching whale deaths. These studies may take months to pinpoint a cause of death, if at all “The nonprofit Marine Mammal Stranding Center warned.


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