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HomenewsIn a $275,000,000 Deal That Looks Like a Baseball Contract, Mayor Adams...

In a $275,000,000 Deal That Looks Like a Baseball Contract, Mayor Adams Really Signed a Contract With Hotels. Provide Shelter for Migrants

New York City Mayor Eric Adams just signed a contract that looks a lot like the ones professional baseball players sign with their respective teams. For a cool 5 million, Mayor Adams and the hotel industry came to an arrangement to lodge migrants.
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If this were baseball, the contract would last for years, but it doesn’t. The duration of the agreement is significantly less than a year.

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The agreement Mayor Adams made with the hotels is only valid for the next six months.

Those hotels may go in that area Mayor Adams indicated.
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According to the New York Post, it might cost as much as $55,000 per person to provide shelter for the refugees. Immigrants can cost hotels up to $500 per night to house.

Mayor Adams spent almost $325,000 on tent city last year. As the number of migrants coming at the Randall Island facility declined, it was closed within weeks of opening.

A tent city might replace Adams’s expensive use of hotels to lodge migrants, perhaps saving the company money. Although the tent city was only meant to be a stopgap measure, it may be in everyone’s best interest to extend the stay of some of the migrants.

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During Mayor Adams’s trip to El Paso, Texas to gain a firsthand look at the migrant problem, he brought up the hotel’s announcement.

Mayor Adams held a press conference in El Paso, where he criticized the federal government of the United States.


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