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HomenewsImmigrants Turn Down New York City's Free Meals

Immigrants Turn Down New York City’s Free Meals

There have been numerous complaints about the food provided to the hundreds of Latin American migrants staying at the Row Hotel in Times Square. The short-term tenants complain that the meatballs are cold in the centre and that the pasta is dripping with grease.

Shelter resident Diana, who is currently caring for her two young children, explains “The food has an unpleasant odour at times.
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Rotten. And it’s like the kids had food poisoning every time they consume something.

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Rosalina, a mom like the rest of them, is taking refuge in a 32nd Street shelter.

provided a letter of request from her son’s paediatrician. Arthurian, age 4, had an emergency medical situation that prompted the request. The doctor asked that the shelter only provide bland foods and give accommodations that included a kitchen.

Pediatrician Dr Kendall Rao has made the following statement on Anthuan: “There has been an increase in the number of kids experiencing stomach problems like loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and constipation among the child asylum seekers I’ve been seeing.

These kids, especially the younger ones, don’t look very thrilled about the food. The digestive systems of these infants appear to be experiencing a rude awakening as a result.”

In a statement, Mayor Adams said “We can’t presume that everyone shares our taste in food. Only healthy food can come from us to the people.

It can be difficult to locate safe houses that also have a kitchen. Thousands of migrants have been bused into the city from the border, and the city has been scrambling to offer them shelter.
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Many of these accommodations lack basic kitchen facilities. What’s more, the city is only spending around $3.50-$4.00 per day on food.

Councilwoman Julie Won, who heads the city council’s Contracts Committee, made the following statement: “What does that mean per dish if the total cost is $3.44? What’s that, a buck and a half?

What are you eating? I can’t even begin to guess the ingredients that went into making it. Just what are you serving to those people?” Asked and won.


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