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Drew Scott Net Worth: How Much Do the Property Brothers Make a Year?

Andrew Alfred Scott (born April 28, 1978) is a Canadian actor, realtor, and entrepreneur best known for co-hosting the TV show Property Brothers with his identical twin brother Jonathan. Drew plays the realtor, and Jonathan plays the contractor, in the Cineflix Media-produced house renovation show.

Scott is involved in philanthropic and charitable initiatives. He and his wife, Linda Phan, live in Los Angeles. Drew and Linda Say I Do, a TLC show that followed the celebrations surrounding their May 2018 wedding in Italy, and Property Brothers at Home: Drew???s Honeymoon House, an HGTV show that chronicled the remodeling of their home.

Drew Scott’s Early Years

James Daniel and his twin brother Jonathan Scott were born in Vancouver, British Columbia, on April 28, 1978. Two years later, Andrew Alfred Scott was born (by four minutes). Jim and Joanne Scott were shocked when she gave birth to a second child instead of the one she was expecting.

Jim, their Scottish immigrant father, raised them. When he was young, he wanted to be a cowboy like the ones he saw on TV. He worked in the movie business as a stuntman, an actor, and an assistant director in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

At this time, he decided to focus on raising his family. He and his family moved to Maple Ridge, British Columbia, and bought a horse farm there. Joanne worked as a paralegal in downtown Vancouver while he was a youth counselor.

On the day of their seventh birthday, their father pushed them to start their first business, JAM, which made hangers with nylon covers.

They say that they sold them door-to-door until a Japanese woman who sold American souvenirs bought a lot of them.

James would often make improvements to their homes and pay the boys as young as eight to build and fix fences, decks, and barns.

As they grew up, the twins often moved the furniture around on their own at their parents’ house.


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Drew did very well in sports at Thomas Haney Secondary School, both as a player and as a coach.

The twins had just moved into their new house in Alberta and were about to start college in Calgary.

Career Highlights of Drew Scott

Drew Scott first appeared on the television shows Breaker High’ and ‘Madison’ in 1997, and they’ve always desired to work in film and television. Before working on the 2006 series ‘Smallville,’ he appeared in a few short films and television episodes.

Scott’s acting career was put on hold in favor of his real estate ventures. Despite this, he and his two brothers founded Davidian Production Group, an independent film production company, in 2002. He moved to Vancouver in 2005 to pursue acting professionally.

Drew relocated to Las Vegas in 2010 and bought a house with his brothers the following year. ‘Property Brothers: At Home,’ a new spinoff series, was born as a result of the property’s transformation.

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In 2012, they presented a new show called ‘Buying and Selling,’ in which the twin brothers aided couples with house renovations, sales, and purchases. ‘Brother Vs. Brother,’ which premiered in July 2013 and pitted them against each other to see who could get the most resale value on a refurbishment, started filming the same year.

Drew Scott’s Family (Wife & Children)

Drew Scott and Linda Phan met during Toronto Fashion Week in 2010. Their first date didn’t entail any home improvements, but it was nonetheless exhilarating. Food, hot chocolate, and karaoke were all crammed into one night.

Linda started working for Drew and twin brother Jonathan’s company, Scott Brothers Entertainment, soon after they met. She is the company’s creative director at the moment.

Drew Scott Net Worth:

Drew proposed to Linda in December 2016 at Toronto’s Piano Piano restaurant, when he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Of course, the answer was affirmative.

The couple married in a religious ceremony on Saturday, May 11. They’re currently expecting a child and documenting their experience on YouTube. The couple’s due date is just over two months away, and the parents are ecstatic.

A Global Network of Scott Brothers

Jonathan and Drew formed Scott Brothers Global in March 2017. Cineflix sold the company the IP rights to Property Brothers in 2019. The arrangement gave the brothers complete control over and production of all future episodes of the show. In the future, Cineflix will retain worldwide distribution rights as well as a profit participation share.

Under the Scott Brothers Global umbrella, they now run a burgeoning empire. In 2015, they partnered with QVC to launch Scott Living, an outdoor furniture line. According to reports, the corporation made $100 million in revenue in 2016. In 2017, they expanded their product line to include indoor furniture, fabrics, and home decor, among other things.

Bed Bath & Beyond, Costco, Hobby Lobby, Lowe’s, and other retailers carry their products. According to a 2018 Entrepreneur magazine interview with the brothers, their combined enterprises generate $500 million in revenue each year. Although this figure has not been verified, the empire is unquestionably prosperous.

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Casazza, a consumer-facing design platform, was introduced in 2018. The e-commerce site was purportedly launched with a $2.5 million investment.

Fans can also join them on an annual trip called Sailing with the Scotts, where they can tour design workshops, sing karaoke, and drink with the Scott brothers.

Drew Scott Net Worth:

Drew Scott’s Wealth

Drew Scott, one of Canada’s most well-known and successful actors, is worth an estimated $100 million. Andrew Alfred Scott, better known as Drew Scott, was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, on April 28, 1978. Jim Scott’s father had a successful career in the film industry as an actor and assistant director.


Drew Silver Scott’s twin brother, Jonathan Silver Scott, co-hosts and co-produces a number of his media endeavors. Jonathan, Drew, and their older brother J.D. are all named after the same person.

Jonathan, like his brothers, has a contractor’s license in addition to his real estate agent’s license. Drew wanted to be an actress, whereas Jonathan wanted to be a magician.

They started flipping properties in high school with the help of their older brother and father (who built the family home by hand).

Through a legal loophole in Canadian law, people with no credit and little money might take over someone else’s mortgage and guarantee the debt. They reportedly made $50,000 on their first flip and were hooked.

Brothers in Real Estate

Scott Real Estate Inc. was founded in 2004 by the Scott brothers in the hopes of serving as a one-stop-shop for customers wishing to purchase, sell, or restore a home. By the year 2008, the company employed over a dozen workers.


After seeing a sizzle reel, HGTV became interested in Property Brothers and ordered a pilot, which was well-received. The first episode of Property Brothers aired on January 4, 2011.

The network’s ratings soared by 77 percent in three weeks after the show premiered on HGTV in the United States. The brothers are followed as they assist home purchasers in purchasing a fixer-upper and then completing the improvements.

Drew Scott Net Worth:

Within a few years, the show was regularly attracting ten million viewers each week, making it one of the top five cable television shows for viewers aged 24-55. By 2017, the show’s weekly ratings had dropped significantly to a still-respectable 2 million viewers.

Scott Brothers Productions

Scott Brothers Entertainment was founded by the two in 2010 before their show premiered. Throughout the years, the industry has produced a range of reality shows for television, cinema, and the internet.


How Much Do the Property Brothers Make a Year?

Drew and Jonathan Scott of Property Brothers are said to have made half a billion dollars last year.


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