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Direct Payments of Up to $1,050 Are Being Made in the States of California, Illinois, and Virginia.

Direct payments of up to 50 are being made in the states of California, Illinois, and Virginia through four separate initiatives.
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Some of these disbursements occur on a regular, periodic basis.

U.S. municipalities and states have been helping citizens cope with rising inflation for several years now. The majority of these handouts are distributed through stimulus checks, tax rebates, budget surpluses, and universal basic income (UBI) initiatives.

These can be paid all at once or spread out over a few months. Contrarily, Weiss notes that UBI systems often only distribute funds for a limited time.

Refund for the Middle Class

As reported by Macht, beginning in October 2022, the state of California has been issuing tax rebates in the amounts of $200 to $1,050. Residents’ eligibility for tax credits is determined on their adjusted gross income.

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In total, about 23 million citizens are receiving these one-time tax refunds. The tax refunds are issued to citizens in the form of direct payments or debit cards. We anticipate that all tax refunds will have been distributed by the end of January.

The Coachella Family Reunification Program

Weiss added that the 140 families in Coachella, California, may count on a monthly payment of $400. Coachella Immigrant Families Recovery Program, a Universal Basic Income scheme, is responsible for these payments.

These payouts will be made monthly for a full year by the city of Coachella and the non-profit Mission Asset Fund. The deadline to submit an application for this programme was in November of 2022.

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However, approval emails weren’t sent out until December 27, 2022. Approved recipients can anticipate getting their funds in January. There are two ways that money can be transferred to you: bank deposit or prepaid card.
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University of Bethesda in Evanston, Illinois Program

Brown claims that 150 people have been chosen to receive $500 in monthly payments. The first instalment was dispersed in November 2022, and the second was distributed this past January.

It has been stated that prepaid debit cards are used to issue the payments. Applicants must be legal residents of the United States and have a family income of less than 250% of the federal poverty line and live in the city of Evanston, Illinois.

Applicants must also fall into one of three age groups: adults 18 to 24, seniors 62 and above, or those who are undocumented.

The Arise Plan

The Universal Basic Income (UBI) programme ARISE will begin issuing payments in February 2019 to residents of Alexandria, Virginia. Pilot initiative offering $500 per month for two years, Alexandria Recurring Income for Success and Equity.

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For the purpose of issuing the payments via a debit-like card, Alexandria has teamed up with MoCaFi, a financial distribution partner. According to Weiss’s reporting, recipients don’t even need a bank account to get these checks.

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