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CS11 Error in Amazon App 2022 ? Try These Solutions !

Many customers have reported getting an Amazon CS11 issue while using various Amazon applications (Amazon Prime, Amazon Shoppers, etc.). The issue is most often reported on Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads, although it has also been reported on other platforms such as Android. The problem occurs when the user starts the Amazon app or attempts to conduct a certain operation on the Amazon Shopping app, such as accessing the basket or accounts area.

Along with Amazon server failures, the following are the most common causes of Amazon app CS11 errors: If the Amazon app is not updated to the most recent build, Amazon servers may refuse to allow the app access, resulting in the CS11 issue.

Faulty Amazon App Installation: If the Amazon app installation is corrupt, some app modules may not be accessible or executable, resulting in a CS11 error.

Network Firewall Restrictions: If a network firewall (like PiHole) is preventing the Amazon app (like Amazon Shoppers) from accessing its servers, the Amazon app error may occur.

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Install the most recent version of the Amazon App.

If an Amazon app (like Amazon Prime, Amazon Shopping, etc.) is obsolete, it may cause an error CS11 because it is no longer compatible with Amazon servers. The CS11 problem may be resolved by upgrading the Amazon app to the newest release.

But first, double-check that the Amazon app is supported by Amazon servers (as Amazon restricts usage of some Amazon apps on older phones or devices).

amazon app cs11

  • Open the Apple App Store and search for the Amazon app (such as Amazon Prime).
  • Then go to the app’s Details page and check sure it’s up to current.
  • You may also check for app updates in the App Store’s Updates tab.
  • Restart your iPhone when the update is complete, and then verify whether the CS11 problem has been resolved in the Amazon app.

Install the Amazon App again.

The Amazon app CS11 issue might be caused by a faulty Amazon app installation, and reinstalling the Amazon app may remedy the problem.

Install the Amazon App again

PRO TIP: If the problem is with your PC or laptop/notebook, use Restore Repair to search the repositories and repair any corrupt or missing files. This works in the vast majority of situations when the problem is caused by system corruption. Restore may be downloaded by clicking here.

  • Search for the malfunctioning Amazon app in the Apple App Store (like Amazon Shopping).
  • Now go to the Details tab of the program and choose Uninstall (or disable, if the app is preinstalled). You may also pick Uninstall by long-pressing the app’s icon on the iPhone’s home screen.
  • Restart the iPhone after uninstalling the Amazon app, and then reinstall the Amazon app from the App Store.
  • Now open the problematic Amazon app and see if the CS11 error is gone.

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Disable Network Firewall or Add Amazon Firewall Exceptions.

If the network’s firewall (like PiHole) is preventing the app’s access to its servers or needed domains, you may see the Amazon app CS11.

Disable Network Firewall or Add Amazon Firewall Exceptions

Disabling the network firewall or adding an exception for the needed Amazon domains to the network firewall may be enough to address the issue in this case. We’ll go through how to disable PiHole (a form of network firewall) on a Windows machine for clarity. You may follow the identical steps for the network firewall and the device’s OS.


  • Disabling the network firewall or changing its settings may expose the network and its linked devices to attacks. Proceed at your own risk.
  • Search for Command Prompt under Windows.

warring of amazon

  • Now, right-click on the Command Prompt result and choose Run as Administrator from
  • the mini-menu.
  • Execute the following procedure now.
  • In the Command Prompt, type:
pihole disable
  • Launch the problematic Amazon app once PiHole has been removed, and it should be free of CS11. If this is the case, add the Amazon domains to PiHole’s exclusions list. The following domains are usually necessary to be added:
  • Then, at an elevated command prompt, re-enable PiHole.
pihole enable
  • If none of the options above worked, try the Amazon app in your browser or another platform app like the Amazon app for Android (till the issue is reported to be resolved).
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