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Commodity Derivative Trader Tycoon, Luiz Costa Macambira Takes on the Publishing World with New Venture

LUIZ COSTA MACAMBIRA has led quite a life, going from a recognised trading tycoon to a globetrotting media mogul. Today, he is settled in the Principality of Monaco, where he owns and runs the local Forbes magazine.

When asked what fuels his entrepreneurial instincts—driving him to improve while always thinking outside the bounds of what is expected—Costa Macambira says that his passion for knowledge is largely responsible for his ingenuity. Having made quite the mark on the European publishing sector by spearheading the launch of Forbes Monaco in 2018, the trader tycoon is following his typical path, taking the venture to the next level. Not one to settle or be complacent when it comes to business, and life for that matter, Costa Macambira is evolving his media presence with the launch of Monaco’s first high-spirited journalistic news site: Monaco Voice.

Given his prior success in the region, it is clear that the media proprietor understands what his affluent audience wants when it comes to content.
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Shortened to MV, the publication is to provide a mix of in-depth news writing and reporting with relevant culture pieces focused on music, theatre, the arts, events, film reviews, and all-inclusive entertainment listings catered to Monaco’s wealthy residents. Speaking of the residents, of course local billionaires will be highlighted in articles and thought pieces to share their incredible stories and news with the community. Monaco Voice ( takes a people-first approach when it comes to journalism.

For locals, this will be the place for staying up on the latest in the area, and for foreign readers, it will act as a window into the inner workings of one the world’s most exciting cities. “If something matters to our readers, it matters to Monaco Voice,” explains Costa Macambira. Given his prior business success and experience as the publisher of Forbes Monaco and Forbes Netherlands, the publication’s future looks very bright. With a clear vision and a lot of buzz in the Principality around what the new site will bring to the well-to-do Mediterranean community, the Monaco Voice ( is one of 2023’s highly awaited arrivals.


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