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Catherine Mcbroom Pregnant? Is a Fourth Member of The Ace Family on The Way?

Is there a fourth member coming to the Ace family? Following a recent video posted to YouTube, fans are wondering if Catherine McBroom is expecting. A video posted by Catherine and Austin McBroom with the headline

“Telling My Dad I’m Pregnant with Baby 4” threw off everyone’s assumptions about their family situation. You can’t be blamed for being skeptical about the claim made in the headline if you’ve seen the video.

Furthermore, you may still have questions even after watching the entire movie.

Is There a Fourth Member of The Ace Family on The Way?

Catherine Mcbroom Pregnant?

Not at This Time, No. the Aces Are Not Planning to Start a Family. the Title of The You Tubers’ Newest Video, “telling My Dad I’m Pregnant with Baby 4” Has Left Their Audience Perplexed. Catherine and Austin Mc Broom Are Not Actually Expecting Another Child at This Time; the Title Is a Joke.

Once Viewers Realized the Film Was Satire, They Were Ready to Post Their Thoughts About It. One of Austin’s Fans Stated, “I Suspected It Was a Hoax from The Title, but I Didn’t Know Austin Was Going to Flip It Around on Catherine.”

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“Who Could Have Guessed from The Title that It Was an April Fool’s Joke?

Catherine Mcbroom Pregnant?

Another Voice Chimed In. Previously, the Ace Family Played a Prank on Fans.
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Pranking Their Subscribers in This Way Is Nothing New for The You Tubers; in Fact, They Already Did Something Very Similar.

Catherine Released a Video of Her Growing Baby Bulge in Episode 48 of Their Sixth Season of Snapchat, While Austin Commented on How She Looked in Various Valentine’s Day Outfits. It Was Eventually Established that This Video Predates Catherine’s Pregnancy.

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Children of Catherine and Augustus Mc Broom

Catherine Mcbroom Pregnant?

Elle, Alaa, and Steel Mc Broom Are the Gorgeous Offspring of The YouTubers. By This May, Elle Will Be Five Years Old, and By October 2020, Alaa Will Be Two. Ten Months Have Passed Since Steel’s June 2020 Birth. Catherine Mentioned in An Earlier YouTube Video that She Was Informed She Would Have Three Kids by A Clairvoyant When She Was Just 10 Years Old.


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