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Carol Kirkwood Is Now Engaged and Highlighting Her Engagement Ring at The Chelsea Flower Show!

Carol Kirkwood beams with delight as she holds the hand of a mystery guy — only months after announcing her engagement live on television but failing to reveal her fiancé’s name. The adoring pair was seen shopping at a supermarket and then enjoying a laugh and a joke as they sat in their vehicle on their way home.

Carol is still engaged to the guy she was pictured with last year following a shopping excursion near her Berkshire home, according to a source. ‘They’ve been dating for a long time and are still together,’ according to the insider. Carol’s magnificent house by the Thames is where he spends a lot of time. She’s gone to tremendous measures to conceal information about him, but that won’t last long. We’ll learn more about him eventually.

‘Even though they were merely shopping at a supermarket, they seemed to be very much in love and formed a wonderful pair.’ While broadcasting live from the Chelsea Flower Show, the 59-year-old Scottish weather woman revealed her engagement to BBC Breakfast colleagues Sally Nugent and Jon Kay.

Carol Kirkwood Got Engaged.

Carol Kirkwood revealed her engagement with a glimpse of her beautiful ring during this morning’s (May 23rd) breakfast program. “I’m a little worried about how you’re standing up with a large rock on that left hand,” said presenter Sally Nugent as they switched to the weather report.

dan-walker-carol-kirkwood are engaged

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“You’re welcome, Sal!” It’s very good. I got married!” Carol grinned and revealed her ring.

“It’s the most wonderful news!” Sally continued. We are overjoyed. Congratulations.

“Can we tell the country what happened?” Sally inquired.

“Thank you very much!” Carol giggled, “I believe you just have Sally.”

“We got engaged on vacation.” So it’s wonderful news, and we’re both overjoyed. Many thanks!”

“On behalf of everyone here and at home,” Jon Kay, who is apparently succeeding Dan Walker, said.

egaged ring

“We went out for a picnic and I had absolutely no clue, the weather was wonderful, we were there talking, and then my other half was a tiny bit apprehensive for some reason which I didn’t know, and he was fumbling in his pocket, and out comes a ring,” Carol said afterward.

“I didn’t believe him at first,” she said, “but it was nice, it was pretty romantic.”

“Congratulations Carol and to your future spouse on your engagement,” one Twitter user said.

“Fantastic!” said another. Carol, congrats!”

“Just the finest news,” another admirer said. Carol, congratulations.”

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Carol Kirkwood’s Husband.

rol Kirkwood has kept her new partner’s identity a secret, although she did make some unusual statements about her new love in a 2021 interview with Prima Magazine. “He usually prepares me a cup of tea before I go to work in the morning, which is quite romantic – it’s 2.45 a.m., and he often leaves me a little love note for when I return home from work,” she gushed. That’s worth a thousand red roses to me.”

carol kirkwood with her husband

“He is the finest thing that has ever happened to me, without a shadow of a doubt,” Carol said, clearly infatuated with her new partner.

Carol’s beloved pet cat Donald died in 2020, and she was living alone in Bray, Maidenhead until she met her new fiance-to-be. “I’m quite satisfied with my relationship state right now,” she said at the time. I don’t live alone! It wasn’t a big deal since I’d just recently begun seeing someone.”

“Now I’m braver,” she continued. I’ve flown with the Red Devils and jumped out of the aircraft with them. ‘Too hazardous!’ I would have thought if I had done it when I was younger. “Oh, you have to enjoy your life!” I now think.

After competing with professional dancer Pasha Kovalev on BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing, “I was married for a long time, and I got married young,” she said, “so it’s good to do things now that I have the flexibility to do.” “I have the flexibility to go to the movies or have supper with friends.”

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