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Carl Heastie Can’t Be Reasoned With, Even After a Gunshot Outside His New York City Office

On Monday, a guy in his 20s was shot in the head outside the district office of Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, a powerful Democrat from the Bronx. The incident was notable solely because it occurred within a gun distance of Heastie’s office.

Nearly simultaneously in The Bronx, a 45-year-old gangster with a lengthy arrest record smashed a bottle into the back of an unsuspecting police officer’s head, sending her to St. Barnabas Hospital.

What these two occurrences have in common, excluding the Bronx, is

  • Each one depicts the city’s gradual descent into cultural anarchy and…
  • Carl Heastie could not care less about either of these things. Nor about the offenders themselves or the growing number of victims in the city.

What he had to say regarding the shooting on Gun Hill Road is as follows: “We must stop focusing on the symptoms of crime and treat the disease,” the speaker argued, with “the disease” being “gun violence.”

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By this logic, the assault on the police officer was an example of “bottle violence,” and both he and the Gun Hill gunman are nothing more than “symptoms” in need of “treatment.”

Instead of the dangerous criminals who need to be isolated from society immediately.

If Heastie’s office hadn’t been in danger on Gun Hill Road, he probably wouldn’t have spoken anything about the incident.

But it was, so the weasel words came out.

The truth is that the speaker is a major roadblock to commonsense measures to restore safer streets and an architect of the deadly 2019 penal law “reforms” that helped cause New York’s present criminal-justice disaster.

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There is talk of a “compromise” in Albany that will allow for some minor changes to be made to the legislation in 2019 that will give judges more leeway in establishing bail.

The presence of life itself should inspire optimism.

The likelihood that anything significant will occur is low.

Despite the fact that public safety requires more criminals to be imprisoned, Albany will not do so unless molecular modifications are made.

Remember how the left-leaning judge who wrote a 70-page opinion claiming an elephant had a “human right” not to be in the Bronx Zoo bullied New York Governor Hochul into appointing him as the state’s top court?

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He seems like he’d be a good companion to the cop boppers and drive-by shooters.

It’s possible that Albany will finally wake up and see the light.

Tomorrow, the sun could perhaps rise in the west. Ha-ha.

The sad truth is that a progressive cult currently controls New York State, and residents of the Empire State need to take action if they ever want to feel safe again in their own communities.

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