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HomenewsArms Crisis Brewing in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Arms Crisis Brewing in Atlantic City, New Jersey

At this hour, an official from Atlantic City has confirmed that there is a person who may be armed at the intersection of Iowa Avenue and Atlantic Avenue in Atlantic City (8:00 a.m.)

There is a significant presence of cops from the Atlantic City Police Department at the location.

The establishment of a command post has been completed.

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We have evidence that the incident began as a disagreement among family members.

Although it is known that the person in question owns a firearm, it is unknown whether or not he currently possesses the weapon.

It has been established beyond a reasonable doubt that the suspect fled the domestic altercation by way of a fire escape and entered another flat.

The fact that it took place during a shift change at the Atlantic City Police Department has added an additional layer of complexity to the situation.

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It was confirmed by a source within law enforcement that there were not sufficient police cars for the people that arrived at the 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. shift.

Several different sources agree that they were successful in overcoming this obstacle.

This is a narrative that is still unfolding. As more information becomes available, we will post an update.

It is recommended that visitors to Atlantic City stay away from the Iowa and Atlantic Avenue area until further notice.

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UPDATE: At 9:15 in the morning, the police in Atlantic City found the suspect hiding in the boiler area of the building. They were able to apprehend him there.
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At this time, the suspect is being held in jail.

This domestic dispute, which had become more serious when the suspect ran away, was resolved quickly thanks to the efforts of the Atlantic City Police Department.


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