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Anger Among Virginia Residents Has Been Expressed About the $33,350 Paid to Nikole Hannah-jones for a Speaking Engagement Funded by the State.

According to reports, anti-racist author and creator of the 1619 Project Nikole Hannah-Jones will be paid almost $35,000 by a library system in Virginia for a forthcoming speaking engagement of one hour’s duration.

The Fairfax County Times reports that the high cost of Hannah-Jones’ presentation, in which she would discuss ideas from the 1619 Project, amounted to $589 per minute.

The county gave Hannah-Jones with a programme agreement form, and it was there that the speech’s title, “The 1619 Project – A New Origin Story,” was noted.

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There were some people in Fairfax who didn’t appreciate Hannah-style. Jones’s A Fairfax County Taxpayers Alliance representative named Michael Albin criticised the move as a “misuse of public monies for propagandist programmes.”

As he continued, he said, “She’s invited to destroy American history and principles at a library discussion, and when?

During the weekend of Presidents Day, a celebration of American patriotism, here’s some news. I don’t sure what the definition of sabotage of our values is, but that certainly qualifies.

A librarian in Fairfax County may expect to earn a beginning salary of $54,421 per year, thus the total remuneration amounts to “$57,850.”

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It was also said in the article that in August of 2018, “library authorities announced they were restricting operating hours because of ‘ongoing employee recruitment issues.'”

The 1619 Project, a collection of essays published by The New York Times, has brought Hannah-Jones a great deal of notoriety, but also considerable criticism, for arguing that racism had a much larger role in the formation of the United States than is commonly acknowledged.

The project’s canon includes the idea that slaves fought against the British to keep the institution of slavery alive.

Such statements, among others, have drawn harsh criticism from historians, but Hannah-Jones stands by her book. On Wednesday’s episode of Good Morning America, she defended the contentious journalism endeavour.

When asked by GMA host Robin Roberts to summarise her work, author S. E. Hannah-Jones responded simply, “Truth.”

Hulu’s The 1619 Project has expanded to six episodes. The pilot episodes debuted on January 26. Hannah-Jones, who conceived of the 1619 Project, serves as host, and several of the reporters and historians who worked on the original project make appearances on the show.

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Oprah Winfrey is the show’s executive producer. Roger Ross Williams, a winner of an Academy Award for best documentary, heads up a remarkable team of producers and writers.

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