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After an Incident at Morris Knolls High School, Two Students Were Taken Into Custody.

Morris County Prosecutor Robert J. Carroll, Chief of Detectives Robert McNally, and Denville Police Chief Frank Perna all said that two students were arrested on Thursday, March 23, after something happened at Morris Knolls High School.

Thursday, the Denville Police Department got a report that two students at Morris Knolls High School had a gun. They then went to the school to check it out. The School Resource Officer and the other officers who were sent to help get there quickly.

When the police arrived, the students and the weapon had already been found by school staff and put away. The two teens were taken into custody and charged with illegally having a gun and other related crimes. Since this is about children, no more information will be given out.

There was no real danger to the school, its staff, or its students, and the situation is still being looked into.

“This afternoon, the administration at Morris Knolls found a gun on campus. The gun and its owner were found right away, and there was never a real danger to students or staff. Our School Resource Officer and other Denville Police Department officers came right away and took the weapon and the people involved into custody.

We promise that this problem was solved quickly and that neither the students nor the staff were in danger. Since the police are still looking into this, we can’t give you any more information. We care most about the safety of our students and staff.

Principal Ryan MacNaughton of Morris Knolls High School said, “We will continue to work closely with the Denville Police Department to make sure our school is a safe place to learn.”

The safety and security of all Denville schools are very important to the Denville Police Department. There are no ongoing activities or threats to the school, its staff, or its students that are thought to be related to this event.

But over the next few days, there will be more Denville Police officers at the school to help calm any fears or worries.

Prosecutor Robert Carroll thanks the administration and staff of Morris Knolls for their actions and help in finding out what happened and quickly putting an end to it.

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