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After a Protest, New Jersey Gave the Largest Legal Marijuana Company a New License.

On Monday morning, hundreds of Curaleaf workers gathered outside the Cannabis Regulatory Commission in Trenton to protest the agency’s decision last week to deny the company’s request to renew its license. This decision could have put about 500 New Jersey jobs at risk.

An hour after the protest finished, the CRC called a Zoom meeting to discuss the Curaleaf license renewal. The renewal was approved at this meeting.

Curaleaf is the biggest company that sells legal cannabis in New Jersey.

The head of the New Jersey Cannabusiness Association, Edmund DeVeaux, said that the CRC’s change of heart was a good and welcome step forward for the whole recreational pot industry.

After a Protest, New Jersey Gave the Largest Legal Marijuana Company a New License.

They Looked at All the Facts

He said that the CRC took the time to “look at all of the facts surrounding their decision.” He also said that sometimes a government decision can change or be overturned.

He said that legalizing marijuana for recreational use has started a new industry in New Jersey, given us a chance to make up for mistakes from the past, and made a clear path forward “that will not only help people who were hurt by old government practices but will also help entrepreneurs.”

“You’re looking at an industry that brought in close to $200 million for the state’s budget through sales of cannabis for both medical and recreational use.”

Why Did the Cannabis Regulatory Commission Suddenly Change Course?

After a Protest, New Jersey Gave the Largest Legal Marijuana Company a New License.

DeVeaux said at this point no one is sure. He said, “Something went wrong.” “Those with calmer and cooler heads won.”After the CRC made its new decision, Curaleaf CEO Matt Darin called it a huge win and proof of what they already knew: Curaleaf is in good shape with the CRC and has met every requirement for the renewal of their licenses.

Was It a Union Issue?

Chairwoman Dianna Houenou said at the CRC meeting that at the next CRC meeting in June, Curaleaf must show proof that they have tried in good faith to reach a collective bargaining deal at each of their facilities or they could be fined or even have their license taken away.

She didn’t say more, but there have been rumors that Curaleaf didn’t like it when some workers tried to talk about joining a union. Darin said that it wasn’t true.

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