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Homenews1,179 Covid Cases in Nj, 9 Fatalities. Thanksgiving Boosts Transmission.

1,179 Covid Cases in Nj, 9 Fatalities. Thanksgiving Boosts Transmission.

After Thanksgiving, New Jersey health officials reported 1,179 COVID-19 infections and nine deaths.

The statewide transmission rate rose to 1.61 Monday from 0.88 Friday. Each new case leads to less than one subsequent case, indicating a diminishing outbreak.

A transmission rate of 1 implies a stable outbreak, while anything above 1 suggests a growing disease.

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New Jersey has 1,728 confirmed positive tests per week, up 48% from a week ago and 28% from a month ago.

The CDC currently deems Bergen County “high” for COVID-19. The state’s 19 counties are “middle,” but Mercer County is “low.”

Sunday night, 69 of the state’s 71 hospitals reported 1,227 coronavirus cases. 138 are in intensive care and 53 are on ventilators.
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The latest current statewide positive rate was 10.96% on November 26.

CDC deems positive rates above 10% “high.” New Jersey’s statewide positive rate is down from its peak of 40.83% on Jan. 1 during the omicron variant.

Since its initial incidence on March 4, 2020, New Jersey has reported over 2.4 million COVID-19 instances.

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The Garden State has also registered 445,921 positive antigen or fast testing, which are considered probable instances. At-home positive tests are also likely uncounted.

The state of 9.2 million people has reported 35,169 COVID-19 deaths—32,053 verified and 3,116 suspected.

New Jersey had the 10th-most coronavirus deaths per capita in the U.S. — after Mississippi, Arizona, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Michigan — as of Nov. 28.


7.1 million New Jersey residents, workers, and students are completely immunized. Since Dec. 15, 2020, almost 8 million people have received their first immunization in the state.

4.3 million state residents have received boosters.


The latest state data shows 9,839 COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes and other long-term care institutions.

The newest data shows 7,990 resident cases and 5,585 staff cases at 338 facilities.

Global numbers

The Johns Hopkins University coronavirus database reports 645 million COVID-19 cases worldwide.

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Data suggests the virus has killed over 6.6 million individuals. The U.S. has reported the highest cumulative cases (more than 98.9 million) and deaths (at least 1.08 million) of any nation.

13 billion vaccines have been given worldwide.


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